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05 October 2022

Wind Contractor Experience update

Our update will speed up hiring companies processing your interest in jobs.
Less back and forward communications.
Showcase your experience quickly, be at the top of the pile.
Hiring companies are constantly asking for information on your:
  • Speciality,
  • Team,
  • Capacity
Now you can add a more detailed overview of what you do.
We also added a new section in certificates dedicated to Siemens.
Highlight your Siemens training:
  • Blades
  • E-Learning or Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Troubleshooter


Go and have a look.
Check it out and update your experience now!

06 September 2022

Main Duties

For you, the awesome
#WindTurbineTechnician, we’ve added the following bigger features. There’s also a constant stream of usability improvements which are almost daily.

Show people what you can really do:

  • Add your main duties to your work experience
  • Shout about what turbine experience you have and be really specific
  • Competent, Authorised or Supervisor? Now you can tell us and share your cert to prove it
  • Track how good your profile is
  • Leave us feedback from the menu – tell us what’s good and what’s not

30 May 2022

New Job Search

This is a new simplified way of creating contractor search lists. Quicker and designed to reduce client/contractor dialogue. Great info leads to less questions.

We have stripped down the search field to only those that are required making the form faster to fill and faster to find your contractors. Also, there is the addition of a more flexible way to communicate job rotations.

All matching contractors are displayed so you can see everyone who is available for your position. On posting of a job all your chosen contractors are vetted by our Mobilise team to maximise quality. A huge pain point.

Contractors can now be invited to a job asynchronously so you no longer have to wait for all responses to land your best workers.

Update also came with:

  • Improved training banner
  • Change of buttons in experience and certificates pages
  • 160+ code commits in this collection of updates

27 Apr 2022

Active Onboarding

Mobilise is born from the realisation that Wind contractors must go through a tedious and unsynchronised process for their jobs.
We are wind contracting made simple – and we went one step further.  

Now, with our new sign up, you will fill out part of your profile in the first login. We will guide you through the process step by step, in less than five minutes you will be ready for your new contracting job!

Get ready to receive opportunities.

Update also came with:

  • With variety of fixes and animations and UI upgrades.
  • 180 code commits in this collection of updates
  • Caching issue resolved

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