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A quick introduction to the world of Mobilise.

The story so far… 📝

A brainchild of Taylor Hopkinson

We started life as an internal tool to support the growing Cables Crewing team at Taylor Hopkinson.

This was a testing ground to see how the Mobilise idea would work in a fast-paced contractor placement environment.

Mobilise launched into the real world to focus on Wind Turbine Technicians. Growing our database of technicians and promoting Mobilise to clients.


Why did we make Mobilise? 🤓

There are lots of reasons. But, we’ll keep it quick for now…

We didn’t guess or a gamble. We saw a problem in the wind industry and built a solution. Mobilise.

It’s based on lots of research and talking to people in the industry. It wasn’t a guess or a gamble.

  • To remove the 🐂💩 of recruitment
  • Be transparent on wages and clients
  • Always communicate – it’s a conversation
  • Remove the stress of hunting for jobs
  • Fair costing for contractors and clients
  • Help the renewable energy sector by reducing project costs and creating fair wages for contractors
  • Promote talent
  • Encourage people to the wind sector

Problems 🤔 Solutions 💡

For clients. The people hiring contractors.

For contractors. The people working the jobs

Client solutions

A simpler & quicker way to secure qualified Wind Technicians

Your wind projects need the world’s best technicians.

Mobilise finds them.

Client solutions

Manage and plan projects

Laser focused searches.
Our data is live

Instant results.
Compliant & verified contractors

Client pain points

Slow process for placements


  • Instant search and direct communication with contractors
    Solves emergencies, no-shows or contracts not being completed
  • 24/7 search and contractor contact
  • Full control to client to source talent on own terms
  • Always human fallback for complex hires or issues

Client pain point

Inconsistent contractor quality


  • Contractors matched and sorted based on experience, skills, and certification. All pre-vetted and documented so no need to chase up

Client pain point

Hard to plan workforce solution


  • Use Mobilise for proactive recruitment to secure contractors in advance

Client pain point

Hidden costs


  • Transparent costs

Client pain point

Lack of references


  • References checked and verified by Mobilise upfront so no need to chase up at the last minute

Contractor solutions

Wind contracting
should be easy

We keep you compliant and in the loop.
Work when you want with intelligent one-click job offers.

Contractor solutions

One-click job offers straight to phone

Constant updates, no more ghosting

Stay Compliant. Direct sync with WINDA

Exclusive discounts & reminders

Contractor pain points

Scrambling for jobs when a contract ends


  • No more searching for jobs
    Mobilise sends perfectly matched jobs

Contractor pain point

Time spent contacting recruiters and sending CVs and certificates


  • Upload documentation once and Mobilise helps keep it up to date

Contractor pain point

Staying compliant, keeping certificates valid


  • Keep certs up to date via automated reminders direct from WINDA GWO.

    Get discounts from training partners

Contractor pain point

Planning work schedule


  • Plan work schedule from the planner without having to deploy at a moment’s notice

Contractor pain point

Recruiters are impersonal


  • Personalisation – Even automation adds a human touch

Contractor pain point

Time wasting with unsuitable job offers


  • Algorithmically matched bespoke job offers eliminate time wasting

Contractor pain point

Ghosting – initial offers and never updated


  • Constant feedback loop – no more ghosting

Contractor pain point

No job transparency, especially pay rate


  • Always show pay rate and fullest details possible on job offers

Contractor pain point

Working alongside under-skilled contractors from other agencies


  • Mobilise verifies contractors. All contractors are skilled and qualified

Marketing stuff 📝

Logos & marks

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Meet ‘The Mob’ 😍

The Mobsters


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Near future Mobsters

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Useful links 🤓


Taylor Hopkinson & Wind Training

All Mobilise Documentation

Tech stack Documentation


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